Moëtt was born on September 30, 1990. She is the mother of three beautiful children (two girls & one boy). She was born and raised in Eastman, GA. Moëtt currently resides in the Atlanta, GA area.
Moëtt has a wide array of skills which include: modeling, promoting, dancing, hosting, and rapping. She is adding more to that list on a constant basis. Out of all of her skills, her passion is modeling. She has been modeling for six years. Her interest in modeling originally came from the time she was playing around taking photos before open house her senior year of high school. She really liked the photos and it gave her the idea of doing more with them but she just focused on school instead of really pursuing modeling as a profession. Once she graduated in 2009 from Southern Vance High School, Moëtt moved back to Georgia, where she began to get her feet wet with modeling.
Moëtt’s first real start with modeling came when she did a test shoot with Eyric Williams of Urban Styles Media. After that test shoot, she met Terence Mills, who challenged her to really think of what she wanted to do. She then began working closely with Urban Styles Media as one of their primary models. While working with Urban Styles Media, Moëtt did several photo shoots, co-hosted an event featuring Cash Out, interviewed Charlie Boy Gang, did a model car wash, and met Mr.Hanky. Outside of USM, she did events with Big Lez Ent. and she also did some work with Newstar Studios.
Moëtt returned to NC in 2012 when she began working at AW North Carolina. At that moment she was not serious with her modeling career and allowed it to fall to the back burner. Some time went by but she picked her dream of modeling back up and began networking with professionals in the North Carolina area. She met with Sean of Big Tyme TV, Jerry Clark, UE Photographi and Meltech Foto. After shooting with these individuals, Moëtt gained more knowledge of exactly what she wanted to do and how she was going to get there. After a few months she decided to focus more on family and her relationship with God and chose to let the modeling go.
Letting modeling go was again short lived because the fire continued to burn inside of her. As a result, Moëtt began reaching back out to professionals and doing more shoots. She got serious about her shooting and decided that she didn’t just want to take nice photos but she wanted to get published and take her career to another level. She began working with John Leak of Been Banned, Jay Humble and Jack Oats Photography, which have gotten her published as well as several features. Moëtt has come a long way yet knows she can/will go so much further.

Moëtt’s goal in modeling is to not only brand herself but to also start her own clothing line, have a non-profit organization, and motivate people along the way. She challenges herself daily to step up her skills and think outside of the box to work harder and do things that consistently add value to her brand, her career, her life, and the lives of those around her. Modeling is Moëtt’s passion and she will stop at nothing until she exceeds the goals she has in place for herself.


• Product Promo
Photo Shoots
• Formal Wear/Clothing • 2hr minimum
Lingerie/Swimsuit • 2hr minimum
• Video Appearance
• Hosting
• Dancing
• Event Appearance
• Drops
• Features

** For events, photo shoots, and video appearances: a 50% non-refundable deposit is required in advance in order to lock in the date and the rest of the amount to be paid will be required upon arrival. If travel is required the amount of travel is to be covered as well as room booked for time in location. For commercials, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required in order to begin and the remaining balance is required to be paid upon the delivery of services. For promotion, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required in order to get started, the remaining amount is required by the end of the promo week or 30 day period for the promo month. For all other graphics, amount is to be paid in full in order to receive original copy of graphic(s). **

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